I did it!  Every day! Whoo Hoo!

Bring on Christmas!

60 is how many people I have in my birthday/anniversary calendar.  I love my calendar.  It took me quite a while to make, but I absolutely LOVE it! 

I bought a Rolodex and glued cute paper on the cards and embellished them, then put on names with dates and pictures of people.  I did not post any of the pictures, but if you look at the card, you can see the circle with their names. Next to that, on the other pattern of paper, I printed their pictures in black and white and then punched them out in a square. 

2010-10-27 20.52.31

All the girls I put flowers down on the bottom right, and all the boys I put a button on the top left.

2010-10-27 20.54.152010-10-27 20.53.48

I also made month dividers. 

2010-10-27 20.53.32

I also have quite a few blanks so I can add to it as more people join our families.

2010-10-27 20.53.10

This is what it looks like from the side.  There are a lot of cards there, but it is so fun. 

2010-10-27 20.53.18

The only two choices in any battle are to be a winner or a loser. You have to understand that sometimes in a marriage, the only way to win is to lose.

This is the number of haircuts that The Princess has had in her lifetime.  And she is 6 years old! 

Her first haircut was when she was 3 1/2 and we cut 10 inches off for “Locks of Love.”  When we got home from the haircut and showed her daddy, he cried. 

Her second haircut was one month ago at the age of 6 years and 2 months.  We cut off another 12 inches and donated it again.  When we got home from the haircut and showed her daddy, he smiled and told her how cute she looked.  I think he was expecting it this time! 

I love her in long hair, but when it gets that long, it just becomes hard to take care of.  It will grow back. 

It’s just hair.

The Doctor is 41 years old, but just like me, I think of him as 23, the age he was when we got married. Here are some reasons why I love him.

1.  He takes such good care of me.  My mom has gone so far as to say he spoils me.  And he does.  I have to be very careful because I can get him to buy me just about anything.  He just wants me to be happy.

2.  He is a hard worker.  Right now he is teaching full time in public education.  He teaches at 2 different high schools.  He also teaches part time for BYU-Idaho, teaching 2 online classes.  He is also a teaching group leader for some other online teachers, and he is helping to develop a drafting class to be taught online, which he will teach as well.  He is also teaching part time for Argosy University, teaching a class every Tuesday night.  He has also had several articles published in our local newspaper.  I don’t know how he does it.

3.  He is an awesome cook.  He can look through my fridge and create an amazing meal with ingredients that I didn’t even know I had in there!  And they are complete with vegetables, and they are pretty. 

4.  He has the same morals and values that I have.  We believe in the same things, and we feel the same way about things (raising children, obeying the prophet, etc.).  That makes marriage so much easier.

5.  He is a good kisser.  ‘Nuff said.

I look forward to spending the rest of eternity with him.

No, it’s not possible that my baby is 17.  And yet, his driver’s license says it’s true.  Here are some reasons why I love The Teenager.

1.  He has a very dry sense of humor.  He can really catch me off guard with it. 

2.  He has discovered what he wants to be when he grows up, and surprisingly, it is a scientist.  Marine biologist, to be specific.  He comes home from school all excited about what he has learned in his zoology class.  He can go on and on about spiders.  And as much as I don’t care about spiders, I listen because I love to see him enthusiastic about them!

3.  He is learning to save money.  He saved up enough money this year to buy and register both a scooter and a motorcycle.  Now he wants to save up for a car.  And I have no doubt that he will be able to do it.

4.  He is very generous.  If you need money, he will give it to you.  There have been times that I have been stressed about money, and he has tried to give me his money to help out.  That means a lot to me.

5.  He has a strong testimony, even if he doesn’t think he does.  He sometimes wants to be a rebel, but can’t do it for long because his faith and knowledge of the gospel is too strong.  He is going to make a great missionary.

I am so proud to call him my son.

The Artist just turned 14.  Here are some reasons why I love him.

1.  He has the cutest giggle.  He loves to laugh and be silly.  That keeps us light hearted and helps us not be so serious all the time.

2.  He is very spiritual.  A couple of years ago, he read The Book Of Mormon all the way through on his own and prayed about it and received a witness that it was true.  He cannot bear his testimony without crying.  It touches me that he feels the spirit so readily.

3.  He is passionate about so many things.  Art, astronomy, singing, drums, robots, and several more.  He is not locked into liking just one thing, so he is easy to buy for. 

4.  He has always been able to entertain himself.  From the time he was little, he would (and still will) lay down and play with a car for hours, driving it around.

5.  Along with #5, he likes to make sound effects.  I am constantly hearing sounds of cars driving and airplanes flying and motorcycles taking off.  Even when he is playing video games, he will create his own sound effects.

He is such a good young man. 

The Chocoholic is 11, but he will be 12 next week.  Here are some reasons why I love him.

1.  He loves chocolate.  It has been a very special thing between us, to share chocolate.  He doesn’t like white chocolate as much. 

2.  He loves to play games.  Mostly board games.  He doesn’t care if he wins or loses, as long as someone will play with him.

3.  He wants to grow up, but he doesn’t want to stop being a kid yet.  He loves to be goofy and silly and doesn’t care what people think.

4. He is so kind and caring to The Princess.  They have been close ever since she was born, and he is the best big brother to her.  He even lets her dress him up in the princess clothes and jewelry, and then lets me take pictures of him.

5. He is freakishly skinny.  If he sucks in his stomach, you can grab his lower rib!  It’s so weird!

I love him so much!

The Princess is 6 years old.  I thought I would tell you why I love her.

1.  She is a girly girl.  She loves pink and flowers and butterfly’s and dresses.  She is not a tomboy at all and I am so glad of that!

2.  She lets me do her hair.  I have been doing her hair since she was 4 months old and I cherish that time together.  Sometimes she reads to me, and sometimes we just talk.  I don’t ever want to give that up.

3.  She loves to have cuddles with me.  That is when she climbs up in my lap and I just hold her and cuddle her.  We have been doing this for a long time.  She will come up to me say, “Mommy, can we have cuddles?” That just melts my heart!

4.  She loves to help me work in the kitchen.  She has her own apron (okay, 2 of them) and we will cook and clean and have all kinds of fun together.

5.  She is friendly to everyone.  She will look for those who are feeling left out and invite them and include them in her group of friends. 

How lucky I am to have her for my daughter!

Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.

The Chocoholic was 3 when I discovered his true love.

He turned to me one day and said, “Mommy, I need some chocolate.” 

Finally, a child after my own heart!

I was 18 when I got engaged, and I was 19 when I got married.  19 1/2 exactly.  I was born on December 19th, and I got married on June 19th.

Again, my poor parents.  I cannot even imagine what I would do if my daughter wants to get married when she is still a teenager!

Oh, my poor parents.  I don’t know what was going through their heads, but I know I would kill my daughter, or at least hide her for a couple years.

What, you don’t know what I am talking about?  Sorry.

I got engaged when I was only 18 years old.


To their credit, they never said a word to me about being too young. 

Or maybe they did, and I just didn’t listen!

I loved my ears double pierced.  I would wear a pair of small hoops in the top hole just about all the time. I know how weird it sounds, but I loved my second holes!

In October of 2000, President Gordon B. Hinckley, the Prophet and President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, more commonly known as the Mormon church, told the women of the church that we should only wear one pair of earrings.

I won’t lie.  I was devastated.  And then I tried to justify them by saying that I already had the holes, yadda, yadda, yadda.  And then I left them in. 

And then, a week or so later, I was talking to my mother-in-law.  She was in the Young Women Presidency in her ward at the time.  She told me that they were at the church watching conference when President Hinckley made that comment.  She saw a movement out of the corner of her eye and looked down the row at her young women.  She saw each and every one of them immediately reach up and take the second pair of earrings out of their ears.

I was so ashamed when I heard that.  I quickly took mine out and vowed from that point on I would always obey the prophet…the first time he tells me. 

This is the number of holes I have in my ears.  I got my ears pierced when I was 8.  When I was a teenager, I really wanted to get my ears double pierced, but my parents wouldn’t let me.  So when I went to college, one of the very first things I did was get one ear double pierced.  I loved it.  And a few months after I got married, I got the other done. I loved them!

Another number I am proud of.  This is the number of men that I have “had relations” with.  And not until after we were married. And that’s a good thing.

Learn what you should learn,
Do what you should do,
Be what you should be.

This is a number I am quite proud of.  I have never smoked or done drugs or even drunk alcohol. 

This is the number of houses I have lived in since I have been married.  7 houses in 18 years. 

1. When we first got married, we were supposed to move into a brand new apartment building.  But they weren’t finished yet.  So we moved into a temporary apartment.

2. We were concerned about how much the rent was going to be on the new apartment ($400) so we were able to get into a mobile home on campus for much less ($250, including utilities).

3. 4 months later, we changed schools and cities.

4. 3 months later, we were sick of the cigarette smoke smell in our non-smoking apartment, so we moved, losing our security deposit.  We had now been married 6 months. We lived in this apartment for 3 years, almost to the day. 

5. We moved to another apartment…3 blocks away. This duplex had it’s own fenced back yard, which was so nice.  I could send the kids out to play and not have to be there with them.  And it was only 3 houses away from my mom. We lived here for nearly 5 years.

6. Finally, we were able to buy our own house.  I have blogged about what a horrible house that was. We lived there for 3 1/2 years.

7. And now we live here.  We have been here for 6 1/2 years.  That is the longest I have lived anywhere.  Seriously.  I am itching to move so bad!  How else can I get my deep cleaning done?  Because I’ve never had to do it before.  We just moved!

This is the number of times I moved before I was married. 

The first question people ask me is if my family was in the military.  Nope.  My dad was an entrepreneur and really wanted to own his own business.  There were many problems, through no fault of his own, and the businesses just didn’t work out.

The hardest move, but the best one for me, was in the middle of my junior year.  I had a boyfriend and did not want to move.  But in hindsight, it was probably a good thing because we were way too close.  Which would have led to not good things.  Heavenly Father knows what He is doing.

Number of squares of toilet paper that I use.  I know, TMI.

That is the number of blogs that I subscribe to.  137.  Wow, I had no idea!  Now, they don’t all post everyday.  In fact some haven’t posted in months.  But they are still on my list. 

I read them in Google Reader, so I don’t have to click around on every blog.  I also have another 6 that are private blogs that I go to their blogs to read.  I like reading about other people’s lives.  I guess I am a little bit of a voyeur.

I am 37 years old.  I will be 38 next month. 

When I look in the mirror, it shocks me. I see an overweight woman who is starting to get wrinkles.  Surely, that can’t be me. 

I feel like I am still 19, the age I was when I got married.  That is the age that I hope to be when I am resurrected!

Two men can do anything as long as one of them is the Lord.

I have been married for 18 years.  It sounds like a really, really long time, but it feels like yesterday.  We have had our ups and our downs.  But we are happy, and we are together forever.  And that’s what matters.

We have 7 computers in our house.  We have our desktop computer which is the main computer that the whole family uses.  Then each family member has a laptop.  The boys each have an old laptop that my dad salvaged (he works as an STS in the elementary schools).  And The Princess has a Princess laptop.  Not a real one, but she loves that she has a laptop like everyone else!

My house number.  I like it.  It’s easy to remember.  Not as easy as my next door neighbor, 5770, but still…

If I only had 5 people in my family, it would be cheaper.

When we had to buy a new car, we had to buy a mini van or SUV because 6 people don’t fit in a sedan.  There are 2 seats in the front and 3 in the back.  They frown on the 6th person riding on others laps.

And when we went to Disneyland, in the hotel, we had to get a suite because we had 6 people.  If we had only had 5, we could have gotten a single, smaller room.  They tried to tell us that we would enjoy the bigger room, but not really.  We were in the hotel so little.  It was just a place to crash at night!

But I wouldn’t trade any of my children, so I guess we just pay more!

There are 6 people in my family…The Doctor, The Teenager, The Artist, The Chocoholic, The Princess, and me (The Mom).  I like that it’s a nice round number.  We fit around our kitchen table perfectly!

Well, here we go again.  I am going to try and blog every day in November.  I’m crazy, I know. 

I have a theme this year.  I am going by the numbers.  Every post (except the Sunday quotes) will be about numbers. 

So today’s post is “1.”  Today is the 1st day of November and my goal is to end the month with the number 30, meaning I have posted every day. 

Here we go!