I apologize for my lack of posts.  To be honest, my daily posts for November were all done ahead of time and scheduled to post.  So I didn’t even have to get on to blog at all that month.  And I think I just got out of the habit.  And then December came and I was crazy busy trying to get ready with shopping and decorating.  And the last 2 weeks I have been playing with my new phone.  I got the MyTouch 4G and it is so fast!  And then I discovered “Angry Birds.”  It’s a game on the phone and it is so addictive!  I have finished all the levels, and now I am going back to try and get three stars on each level.  I know, it’s a sickness.  But because of that, I have hardly even been on my laptop.  And when I do get on, it’s to try and get caught up on my journal.  I have been neglecting that too!

So these are all excuses.  I know I need to do better.  I have a ton of things that I want to talk about.  I can’t make a lot of promises though.  January starts W-2’s and quarterly taxes at work, and my two youngest are off track for the first 2 weeks of the month.  So hang in there.  I am still here and will be back soon.

Happy New Year!

Adversity will surface in some form in every life. How we prepare for it, how we meet it, makes the difference. We can be broken by adversity, or we can become stronger. The final result is up to the individual.

Marvin J. Ashton

Gather your kids and then click here.  It will keep them busy for about 5 minutes!

Have a great day and enjoy tomorrow!  I love you all!

When The Princess was born, she was nearly 6 years younger than The Chocoholic.  So it had been a while since I had been anywhere near the baby aisle.  And when she started eating baby food, I was amazed to see that the baby food now came in plastic containers.  With snap-on lids.  I was so excited!

I saved every single container that we used.  Washed them and kept them.  And used them.  What do I use them for? 

I keep my little packets of Sweet & Low/Equal/Splenda in them.  They are the perfect width and keep them organized in my cupboard.

I put The Princess' hair accessories in them...bobby pins, elastics, etc.

I use them to organize my scrapbooking accessories...eyelets, brads, buttons, etc.

We use them to keep screws and washers and such in perfect order.

Have you kept your old containers?  If so, what do you use them for?

P.S.  If anyone has formula cans, can you save a few and give them to me?  I use those for keeping bulk screws and nails in the garage.  Thanks!

Always be a first rate version of yourself, rather than a second rate version of someone else.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to me! 

I had to go into the office today. Again. For the third day in a row.  It was so hard to go. I left for home around 1:50. I got on the freeway and saw the traffic meters going, which isn’t a good thing. Then I remembered overhearing a client at the office saying there was a huge a accident at 7800 South. I was able to get right off the freeway at 114th, right where the traffic was backing up, but then discovered that the road doesn’t go all the way through yet. So I had to take the frontage road down to 106th South, and then head West with everyone else that was getting off the freeway there. I was on the phone with The Teenager, and then the call dropped. Then The Doctor called. Then The Teenager beeped in. And I was frustrated and just wanted to get home.

I was nearing an intersection and the light turned yellow and I sped up. I was talking to Tom and looked in my mirror and there was a cop and I was being pulled over. Crap. I pulled into a gas station and gave him my license and stuff. He asked if I was in hurry. I started to give excuses, but then I just apologized and said there wasn’t an excuse. I apologized several times, but I also pointed out to him that I really didn’t break the law. My sister had to go to traffic court, and they told her that if you are in the intersection before the light turns red, you are okay. The cop reminded me that the law is that if you have time to slow down, you should. I agreed and apologized again. He checked out my license, and then he let me go. I was so grateful to not get a ticket. I kept my speed down and was very careful the rest of the way home. I was so glad to pull into the garage. I breathed a big sigh of relief!

I helped The Teenager finish his project this afternoon, which meant I ignored all the other kids when they got home, which is never good for The Princess and she had a meltdown, and then I had a meltdown. I still had laundry to finish from yesterday, supper to make, The Teenager and The Chocoholic had activities tonight, The Artist had a choir concert tonight and I just lost it.

I don’t know how women work full time and do everything else. I just don’t know how.

The only time you cannot fail is the last time you try.

Kaleidoscope Table   This is so cool!  Dad, did you see this?  Dad?  Hint, hint!!!!!

5 minute Chocolate Mug Cake   I love this!  It’s so easy and so delicious!

Revelations   I read this every couple of weeks to remind me.  It is so relevant that I think every mom should read it!

Shoe Lacing Methods These look like so much fun!

Scripture Covers and Totes I want one of these!

Adapted by sk2

‘Twas the Night before Christmas
And all through the land
All the people were stirring,
The sight was so grand!

The prophet had said
That the night would be bright.*1
And folks all together looked
Up at the sight.

The children, excited–
No sleeping tonight.
The sun had gone down, but the
Skies were still bright.*2

And Ma in her study
And I at my books,
Had gone to the window
To take a good look.

While out on the lawn
In the mild, balmy weather,
Some Nephites had come
There to bring us together.

Away to the entry
We flew like a flash,
Pushed open the door,
Rushed out in a dash.

The light in the night
With the star all aglow
Gave a luster of mid-day*3
To objects below.

And there to our wondering* eyes
Did appear,
‘twas the new star that shined*4
And the time was now here.

Thus the prophet named Samuel
Had been so precise.
The five years were up*5—what
A glorious sight!

The prophets of old they
Predicted the same.
We remembered those prophets.
We called them by name.

There’s Samuel, and Nephi,
And Jacob, and Enos,
King Benjamin, Alma,
Isaiah, and Zenos.

They said Christ, He would come
And bless crippled and blind.*6
His birth would bring blessings to
All of mankind.

King Benjamin said
That an angel appeared*7
And he told him of Christ and His
Mother so dear.*8

And by revelation*9
Old Jacob did see*10
Our dear Savior, our Lord,
“Unto God ye must cleave.”11

“Your sins are forgiven,”
Said Jesus to Enos.*12
And Christ will show mercy
As He did for Zenos.*13

From the brass plates they read*14
Of Isaiah of old.
As a prophet from God, of Christ’s
Birth he foretold.*15

It was Nephi, the first,
Said His life He would give.*16
He would come to the Nephites
To prove that He lived.*17

“Redemption comes only
Through Christ’s sacrifice,”
Thus said Alma, the prophet,
“Christ would pay the price.”*18

I, Nephi, was praying
The sign would appear
When the voice of the Lord
Said to be of good cheer.*19

“Tonight is the night
That the sign will be given.
And prayers will be answered
As I come from heaven.”*20

Some Nephites believed it,
But those who did not,
Said, “Destroy the believers.
Destroy the whole lot.”*21

“Your faith has been vain,
‘cuz the time is now past and
We never will see
A new star in this vast land.”22

But their plan was now thwarted
The star had appeared.*23
Many came to me, Nephi,*24
But some fell in fear.*25

And those who did come,
Came believing within,*26
Came searching for God,
Came repenting of sin.*27

Came asking forgiveness,
Their sorrow sincere.
Came seeking baptism,*28
Their vision now clear.

Yes, prophets had spoken
Their words had come true.
If any had doubted,
The people now knew.

Again in the land
Were the people united.
With glad exclamation
The Nephites all shouted,

“’Tis the Savior now born
In a land far away.
To our land He will come,
And will visit one day.”

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*The word wondering used here is intended to describe the wonderment and beauty of the light coming from the new star; the star which made the skies bright, even though the sun had gone down. There was no wondering (questioning) in Nephi’s mind that the star would appear.

"There is no friendship more valuable than your own clear conscience."

-- Thomas S. Monson

I am burned out from blogging.  They need to do NaBloPoMo after Christmas.  I am so busy right now, my blogging is going to be a little sporadic.  I apologize in advance.