If I only had 5 people in my family, it would be cheaper.

When we had to buy a new car, we had to buy a mini van or SUV because 6 people don’t fit in a sedan.  There are 2 seats in the front and 3 in the back.  They frown on the 6th person riding on others laps.

And when we went to Disneyland, in the hotel, we had to get a suite because we had 6 people.  If we had only had 5, we could have gotten a single, smaller room.  They tried to tell us that we would enjoy the bigger room, but not really.  We were in the hotel so little.  It was just a place to crash at night!

But I wouldn’t trade any of my children, so I guess we just pay more!


Debbie said... Reply To This Comment

As another mom of 4, I know the pain of which you speak. We may have all squeezed into one hotel room a time or two. Shhh - don't tell!

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