60 is how many people I have in my birthday/anniversary calendar.  I love my calendar.  It took me quite a while to make, but I absolutely LOVE it! 

I bought a Rolodex and glued cute paper on the cards and embellished them, then put on names with dates and pictures of people.  I did not post any of the pictures, but if you look at the card, you can see the circle with their names. Next to that, on the other pattern of paper, I printed their pictures in black and white and then punched them out in a square. 

2010-10-27 20.52.31

All the girls I put flowers down on the bottom right, and all the boys I put a button on the top left.

2010-10-27 20.54.152010-10-27 20.53.48

I also made month dividers. 

2010-10-27 20.53.32

I also have quite a few blanks so I can add to it as more people join our families.

2010-10-27 20.53.10

This is what it looks like from the side.  There are a lot of cards there, but it is so fun. 

2010-10-27 20.53.18


Frank, Heidi and Family said... Reply To This Comment

That is a cute idea!

Kristen said... Reply To This Comment

Way cute idea!

Melissa said... Reply To This Comment

I love your bday rolodex. It's gorgeous!

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