The Artist just turned 14.  Here are some reasons why I love him.

1.  He has the cutest giggle.  He loves to laugh and be silly.  That keeps us light hearted and helps us not be so serious all the time.

2.  He is very spiritual.  A couple of years ago, he read The Book Of Mormon all the way through on his own and prayed about it and received a witness that it was true.  He cannot bear his testimony without crying.  It touches me that he feels the spirit so readily.

3.  He is passionate about so many things.  Art, astronomy, singing, drums, robots, and several more.  He is not locked into liking just one thing, so he is easy to buy for. 

4.  He has always been able to entertain himself.  From the time he was little, he would (and still will) lay down and play with a car for hours, driving it around.

5.  Along with #5, he likes to make sound effects.  I am constantly hearing sounds of cars driving and airplanes flying and motorcycles taking off.  Even when he is playing video games, he will create his own sound effects.

He is such a good young man. 


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The Artistic is a good, teeenager!

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