Well, I had a blog set up, and then I deleted it, but I am going to try it again. I get leery about putting my personal stuff on the internet, so I won't be using entire names, just first letters. So there's me (C), my husband (T), my 3 boys (t, n, c) and my daughter (k).

I write in my journal every day, so this will be nice because I can either copy from my journal to here or from here to my journal.

Anyway, life is hectic right now. I am an accountant and it's tax season. I hate doing taxes. I have discovered that I love the bookkeeping and payroll end of accounting better. But during tax season, we all help out with the taxes. Which means I am working 6 days a week, although 1 of those days I am working from home, so that is good.

So, here it is. My blog. Enjoy.