The Princess is 6 years old.  I thought I would tell you why I love her.

1.  She is a girly girl.  She loves pink and flowers and butterfly’s and dresses.  She is not a tomboy at all and I am so glad of that!

2.  She lets me do her hair.  I have been doing her hair since she was 4 months old and I cherish that time together.  Sometimes she reads to me, and sometimes we just talk.  I don’t ever want to give that up.

3.  She loves to have cuddles with me.  That is when she climbs up in my lap and I just hold her and cuddle her.  We have been doing this for a long time.  She will come up to me say, “Mommy, can we have cuddles?” That just melts my heart!

4.  She loves to help me work in the kitchen.  She has her own apron (okay, 2 of them) and we will cook and clean and have all kinds of fun together.

5.  She is friendly to everyone.  She will look for those who are feeling left out and invite them and include them in her group of friends. 

How lucky I am to have her for my daughter!


Jessica said... Reply To This Comment

She is a wonderful, smart, beautiful, talented girl. I am glad Doug and I got to be her Sunbeam teachers. She did a spectacular job singing yesterday.

Angie said... Reply To This Comment

The princess is pretty wonderful. I'm glad you have her too!

Debbie said... Reply To This Comment

And I would assume she got all those good traits from watching her sweet mama!

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