I was looking through my archives to find an old post when I discovered that today is my 1 year blogiversary! It totally doesn't feel like it's been a year.

So in honor of me sticking with this for an entire year, I am going to post my favorite blog post from each month. Enjoy!

March - I Love My Hubby I started out with a bang by posting once in February and once in March. Thank goodness I got better at this!

April - Pink I should post this every month, just to remind you (as if you could ever forget!).

May - The Poopie List I laugh and laugh and laugh every time I read this. I guess that is why I was blessed with 3 boys!

June - Natural Birth I still am grateful I did it my way. I loved giving birth.

July - Naps Still one of my favorite things to do!

August - Lice It felt so good to get this out in the open and say, "Yes, just because my child got lice doesn't mean we have a filthy home! Good people get it too!"

September - Awesome sisters I love my family. We are there for each other and still laugh at each other too. It's great!

October - My Schedule I thought typing it up would be easy. I had no idea how busy I was. And how much busier I would get!

November - Snow It's days like this that get me through the rest of them!

December - Nutcracker Who knew my brother and his wife were so talented? I love watching this.

January 2009 - Things That Make Me Laugh Who knew I would own not one, but two blogs!

February - Self Esteem I was feeling so down and so many people commented and really helped lift my spirits. I am so grateful to all of them!

So here's to another year of random babbling!


Jean said... Reply To This Comment

Happy Blogversary! I'm getting your gift card out soon.

Debbie said... Reply To This Comment

I hope you are having a happy blogiversary! A year is a long time to do this:)

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