This is my sister. This is where she blogs.

Today my car broke down at the grocery store. Just wouldn't start. I had the same problem 3 weeks ago, but we jumped it, charged the battery, and it has been fine.

I called her and asked what she was doing, hoping she wasn't working. She said she was having a lazy morning at home. I asked, no, I begged, her to help me.

And you know what?

I didn't need to beg. She came right away. Just jumped in her car and came to rescue me.

Not only that, but she jumped my car, then followed me to the mechanic. Then gave me a ride back to the preschool to pick up The Princess. Then gave us a ride home.

She stayed for lunch, and then left. 5 minutes later, the mechanic called and said my car would be ready soon. It just had a bad battery.

So I called my sister back and she immediately turned around and came back and picked us up and took us back to the mechanic.

Then she was able to go home.

3 hours later.

And you know what she said?

"This is what sisters do."

My sister rocks!

P.S. My other sister wanted to come too, but had to be home to pick up her son from preschool. We missed her!


Frank, Heidi and Family said... Reply To This Comment

What a great Sister. It's a good thing she lives close.

Mittongal said... Reply To This Comment

Sisters rock!

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