I love, love, love to take naps.

When the kids are home for the summer, after lunch is quiet time. The Princess goes down for her nap, and the boys have to read for an hour in their bedrooms. I will go up and crawl into my bed, pull the covers and zonk out for about 2 hours. I wake up so refreshed and ready to finish the rest of the day. And the kids know that they had better not wake me up, because a cranky mama makes for a miserable afternoon!

When they are in school, I take my naps on the couch so that when The Princess wakes up, I will wake up as well. So they aren't quite as long as summer naps, but still refreshing.

Winter naps are the best. We get the afternoon sun in our family room, which sucks in the summer, but in the winter, after lunch, the sun is coming through the windows and makes it so cozy. I snuggle on the couch with a soft blanket and zonk out.

Sunday afternoon naps...ah, I love them! I lay on the couch in my front room and the house is quiet and church music is playing. It feels like heaven! Church at 1:00 really sucks because I don't get a nap. But church at 11:00 is the best because I can sleep in and still get a nap after church!
Last year when I was working afternoons, I really struggled because I never got to nap. Working in an office where it is quiet and trying to do taxes is not condusive to staying awake!
And napping outside, on a blanket in the shade, with a cool breeze blowing? Pure Ecstasy!

Do you like to nap? Where is your favorite spot?


Mark and Kattie said... Reply To This Comment

Love the pictures! They cracked me up.

Tia said... Reply To This Comment

Seeing all of these pictures makes me want to go lie down right now. I'm yawning! I love naps too, the only time I usually get one is on Sundays if we have 9:00 church. My 2 girls don't nap anymore. Maybe when they're in school I can start taking more naps when Ryker naps!

Angie said... Reply To This Comment

Wow, your kids take naps in some funny places! Love the one under the dishwasher.
I'm fighting my little one to take a nap right now so I'm going without naps myself. It makes for a long day! I don't care where I sleep, just as long as I sleep!

Jennifer @ Fruit of My Hands said... Reply To This Comment

Ha ha ha! What a great post. I need a nap! Today was one of those days where every time I tried, someone or something would wake me up kids, phone, dog, augh!

designHER Momma said... Reply To This Comment

love naps too! I just can't seem to take them because...

1. I work from home, so if it's nap time...mommas gotta be workin'

2. I think I drink too much caffine and it's just not going to happen, even if I want it to.

Cheers to you though, for making it work!

Frank, Heidi and Family said... Reply To This Comment

I sleep wherever I can. Lately, after getting up early with Jackson for school and getting to bed so late because Frank was gone I am completely unable to function at about 1:00 pm. However, I still can't time Camberlyn's naps with Gavin's movie time. So no peace and quiet for me. After Frank being gone at Youth Conference, Scout Camp, and his upcoming manager retreat in October to Yosemite, I think he owes me a lot of naps.

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