Today is a vacation day.  After we went and rescued my sister who was broken down on the freeway, I had all afternoon to do whatever I wanted because I worked for 4 1/2 hours on Saturday. 
The following was on my list that I could choose from:
  • Clean (bwah-hah-hah-hah!)
  • Scrapbook
  • Print pictures for frames
  • Finish painting said frames
  • Play games with my kids
  • Cook a delicious supper
  • Prepare the lesson for Family Home Evening
  • Re-organize my files and put labels on all the files
  • Work more
  • Return the movie we rented Saturday night
  • Take a nap
Anyone want to guess what I chose to do?  Here's a clue.
Click here.
Best 3 hours I ever spent!


Jen said... Reply To This Comment

I had a nice relaxing day! All I did was play with kids, make a meal for neighbor who had surgery, cleaned out the critter tanks, and a training session with the dogs.

I may throw in a load of laundry before I turn on the TV...

Debbie said... Reply To This Comment

That's my girl. I was going to be so disappointed if that wasn't the one that popped up!

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