So I took a bath the other day.  I love taking baths.  I love sinking into the tub of steaming hot water, closing my eyes, and just relaxing.  Someday I would like a bigger bathtub so that my bum and my top half can both be warm at the same time.  But I digress.
I took my bath and then stood up and turned on the shower to wash my hair.  As I stood there, I felt very weird.  I couldn't understand why I felt so heavy.
And then it hit me.
Fat floats.
We all know I am not skinny.  I am 60 pounds overweight, but I am working on getting it off.  So when I was in the bathtub, it felt so wonderful.  I was warm and felt so light.  And then I stood up and felt fat again.  Extra fat. 
Maybe I should avoid taking baths for a while. 


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OK so since you broke the ice with this one, I'll admit I have a hard time taking baths because my reflection in the chrome circle (that covers the inner workings of the drain) is so different now than it was 10 years ago.

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