I like things that are exact and precise. 
I have always been really good at spelling.  There is a right way to spell a word, and every other way is wrong.  You just have to know the right way and you are set.
In math, 13 x 7 always equals 91.  No matter what (well, unless you are watching Abbott & Costello!).
But I digress.
I didn't really care for English class.  When I wrote an essay, the grading was too subjective.  You can get a different grade, depending on if the teacher is in a good mood or a bad mood, or just doesn't like you.  And it's hard to argue the grade.
In math, it doesn't matter what the teacher's mood is, 13 x 7 = 91.  Period.
I realized last night that this is why I hate doing taxes so much.  You have deductions and contributions and different tax rates and you are always trying to manipulate the bottom line.  It is very frustrating.
Just keep me in bookkeeping.  I am very happy there!


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