I am so tired of winter.
I'm tired of being cold.  I'm tired of snow and frost and shoveling.  I'm tired of empty flower beds and brown lawns and naked trees.  I'm tired of coats and gloves and boots and socks.
I want sun and warmth.  I want flip flops and flowers and green grass.  I want warm breezes and swimming pools and capris.
Saturday was so nice.  It was warm-ish and it really felt like spring.  I was in heaven.  Then Sunday morning it snowed, which dropped reality back into my lap.  It was still January.
Then the stupid groundhog had to go and see his shadow.  6 more weeks of winter.  Such a harsh reality check.
Dear husband, let's look for a job somewhere warmer.  Not too hot, but warmer in the winter would be nice.  How about if we just get a winter home in Australia, move back and forth, and avoid winter all together! 
Anybody with me?


Jean said... Reply To This Comment

I am so with you on this one. I lived in Texas for 10 years and only had one real day of snow that whole time. Here I've have had way more than I care for. I guess it was making up for lost time.

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