I love the new show on ABC called "The Middle."  Each child has such a unique personality.  It is so hilarious. 
However, Wednesday night's episode really got under my skin.  The mom (played by Patricia Heaton) realized that she was nagging and yelling too much, so decided that she needed to stop.  She was going to trust her children. 
Then things started to unravel.  They all at various points forgot to do something, and blamed her for it.  So she swooped around fixing things and enabling them.
You can't do that.  First off, you have to teach your children to take responsibility.  And then you have to step back and let them grow.  And sometimes that means they will fail.  But that is how they learn.
For instance...
The Teenager likes to turn off his alarm clock and go back to sleep.  Well, this year, he is taking early morning seminary which starts at 6:20.  The Doctor leaves for work at 6:00 and will give him a ride if he is up and ready. 
However, if he is not upstairs ready to go, The Doctor leaves, and The Teenager has to walk to school.  In the dark.
Now, I know a lot of you are thinking, what horrible parents, making their child walk to school.  In the dark.  But if I gave him a ride, what would that teach him?  That it's okay to sleep in because Mommy will be there to fix it.
I will not be there when he is in college.  I will not be there when he goes on his mission.  He has to learn now.  And guess what?  He is learning.  He has only had to walk to school 2-3 times. 
Now, don't go thinking I am some kind of wonder mom.  Because it is just this year that I realized that I had been enabling him.  I had been waking him up and yelling because he slept in.  But I have learned.  And my other kids are learning too. 


Angie said... Reply To This Comment

I think it's great that you are helping them learn these things. I think way too many parents do too many things for their kids and there kids never learn.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

You are definitely right - and it's not easy to let go and let your kids make mistakes, but it's important. I looooove that show, too, btw. My husband and I both get a kick out of Brick and the "whisper" thing :O)

I just stumbled onto your blog from Jean @ Working Momma 247 - I'll be back for more, I'm sure!

Jennifer @ Fruit of My Hands said... Reply To This Comment

We love the show the Middle! I have been pleasantly surprised that its so wholesome and my family can actually watch it together so far. (Well Weds, there was a D*mn, so hopefully that doesn't go down the toilet.)

Anyway this week's show wasn't my favorite, but my kids got a kick out of it. They keep going around saying loudly, "...with a mother who doesn't yell! STARTING NOW!"

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