1. Do you get manicures/pedicures?
Yes.  See here.
2. When did you last get your hair cut?
I think it was 2 years ago.  I don’t get it cut very often.
3. Do you get regular massages?
I did for a while.  The Doctor was a Dean at a school that offered massage technology classes, and every Friday night was their clinicals, where there did massages for free, to give the students the practice they needed.  So for several months, I got a massage every Friday night.  It was awesome!
4. Have you ever waxed a part of your body?
Yes, I got a bikini wax once.  It was really nice, and I would love to do it again.  It just isn’t very high on the list.  I would rather use the money for a pedicure.
5. Can you see your veins?
Yep.  I inherited that from my mom.  And her mom.
6. Do you use tanning beds?
Why would I pay to get cancer?  I have never understood that one.
7. Favorite soap?
Dove.  It leaves my skin so soft. 
8. Favorite shampoo?
I use Pantene.  And I die every time I buy it because it’s so expensive to me!
9. Favorite kind of music?
80’s.  Not the heavy metal, but Tears for Fears and REO Speedwagon and such.
10. Favorite time of day?
After the kids are in bed and it’s just The Doctor and me. 
11. Favorite local tourist attraction?
Temple Square.  I love to take the kids there.
12. Favorite swear word?
Crap.  I say “Crap on a dog” a lot.  I know, it’s stupid.
13. Favorite fruit?
Raspberries.  My Grandma Christensen had raspberry bushes and we would go pick them for bottling, and my mom would tell us we could pick 10 and then eat 1.  I think it usually ended up the other way.
14. Favorite kind of meat?
I love meat.  I am definitely a carnivore at heart.  But pig is my favorite.  Ribs and pork chops and bacon.
15. Favorite fish? Like to eat?
I eat fish.  I think Tilapia is my favorite.  I have a hard time eating salmon.  That’s a story for another time.
16. Favorite flavor milkshake?
Oreo.  Or Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup.
17. Favorite kinds of candy?
Chocolate.  I also like licorice.  Twizzlers, not Red Vine.
18. Have you ever eaten a whole bag of potato chips?
Yes.  I can down a bag of Cheetos like there’s no tomorrow.  Not anymore.  I will not do that anymore.
19. Have you ever eaten lobster?
Oh, yes.  I love lobster!
20. What’s a food you’re embarrassed to admit you love to eat? 
I was just introduced to Sweet Potatoes/Yams.  But not cooked.  I like to eat them raw.  They taste really good!
21. What’s the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten?
Frog’s legs.  They were good!
22. Have you ever climbed a mountain?
23. Have you ever been skydiving or bungee jumping?
No, but my dream is to sky dive someday.  I really want to!
24. Have you ever been water-skiing?
Yes, and I love it. 
25. Do you like your nose?
Yes, it’s just right.  Not too big, not too small.
26. Would you change the color of your eyes if you could?
No, I love having blue eyes.  I guess I would like them a little bluer.
27. Do you like salt and vinegar potato chips?
Yes, but I can only eat a couple of them before my tongue is raw.
28. Do you eat salsa?
No, and I never will.
29. What do you buy at the movie theater concession stand?
Popcorn.  I love movie theater popcorn…with extra butter.  But I won’t eat that anymore.  At least not the extra large bucket that is refillable!
30. Do you own a boat?
31. Do you have a pool?
32. Can you swim?
33. Which do you prefer, bagel or toast?
Toast, on my homemade bread with butter and jam.
34. Cats or dogs?
Neither.  I am allergic to both.
35. Pens or pencils?
I love them both.  I hoard them.  If I had to chose, I would say mechanical pencils.
36. Coffee or tea?
Neither.  I don’t drink them.  I like hot chocolate!
37. Bath or shower? 
Bath.  I just want a bathtub that would cover me all up!
38. Markers or crayons?
Crayons.  Much more fun!
39. You’re making a trip across the country. Do you drive or fly?
I have never done that, but if I cost wasn’t an issue, I would definitely fly! 
40. First credit card you had?
I got my first Visa when I went to college.  Big mistake.
41. First loan you got was for?
College.  Student loans.
42. First major purchase?
College!  After that, it was our first car when we were married!
43. What was your first job?
I cleaned doctor’s offices with my parents when I was 9.  They did that to earn more money.  We went every week night and cleaned.  We also cleaned windows.  My parents had their own businesses for years, and I worked for them.  I bought everything that I needed for myself starting at age 13.
44. What was your occupation previous to the one you have now?
Other than a mom, I didn’t work after I had The Teenager 16 1/2 years ago.  Before that, I was working as a temp at a credit card agency inputting card payments.
45. Have you ever had stitches?
Yes.  When I was pregnant with The Artist, I sliced open my hand on a piece of glass that I was using for a light table.  I had to get a tetanus shot, after the doctor researched whether they could give it to a pregnant woman.  I got to see the tendon too!  It was cool.  I have a scar on my hand in the shape of a “C.”
46. Last time you went to the hospital for something?
For me personally?  When I had my hysterectomy 3 1/2 years ago.
47. Last place you drove to?
I drove The Teenager to work at Arctic Circle tonight.
48. Last place you flew to?
Kansas City with The Doctor for a drafting competition in 2003.
49. Last time you were at a sports bar?
50. Last thing you celebrated?
New Years.
Wow, that was boring!


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