Have you heard about Reflections, the program sponsored by the PTA? This year's theme was "Wow."
Both The Artist and The Chocoholic entered several projects this year.
They each won for one of their projects on the school level.

The Chocoholic got an honorable mention for his picture of a green tomato, but won for his story, "Lightning."

The Artist won for his picture of the moon.
So both projects were sent on to the council level.

Unfortunately, The Chocoholic did not win for his story. But what a good story it was!

The Artist did win! That is his beautiful picture of the moon. It was very cool. So now he goes on to the Region level.
So here was my dilemma. I was SO proud of The Artist for winning, but I felt so bad for The Chocoholic. He was so sad that he didn't win.
So I sat there, going from child to child trying to be happy for one and consoling the other. It was a very gut wrenching evening.


Devri said... Reply To This Comment

What great stuff.. January is busy and depressing for me too, except I have way too much stuff to unpack...

Yes, we have Tongan sessions every week, we mostly go weekly, except of course last night, we had no clean garments, that is why I was at the laundry mat. But we try to go once a week.. it helps us to remember what we are suppose to be like... MOre power to me?

more like more power to grandma, for watching 7 chicklings.... poor her.. she is like 70 years old...

Jean said... Reply To This Comment

Congrats to both anyway.
My oldest also did a reflections entry, though he has no idea what he entered. He just came home with a certificate -which I'm guessing was a certificate of participation and he has no clue what he did to get it. I guess he entered something from art class.

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