Again, I am ignoring the fact that I have at least 4 hours of work sitting in the bag next to me.

Instead, I am trying to find things to make me laugh.

The Doctor and I recently discovered the hilarity of The Office. How have we not been watching this all along? We are probably even going to buy them on DVD. Try the following video. We laughed for days every time we thought about it!

Then go here but be careful, sometimes the videos aren't very family friendly. We have a filtering system, so it usually blocks them for me.

I also love Cake Wrecks. They always give me a giggle. I mean really, who thinks up these things?

And my kids make me laugh all the time. I have begun the habit of saying, "Really?" to everything (thank you Saturday Night Live). So the other day The Teenager (age 15) did something, and The Princess (age 4) went up to him and said, "Really? Really?" It was so funny, I thought I would pee my pants.

And of course, the ultimate "Make me laugh until I can't breathe" is The Poopie List. Just thinking about is causing small giggles to erupt!

So I want to know what makes you laugh? It could be a website, a blog, a great joke, whatever. Just make me laugh today!


Kelly said... Reply To This Comment

We LOVE The Office! That birth episode was hilarious.

And the fail blog! Jeremy and I say "fail" all the time when we see them. Hilarious. :)

Jean said... Reply To This Comment

I love Cake Wrecks! The snarky commentary makes that site.
Another good one is
It's pics of houses that people are trying to sell..though very odd pics that you'd never think to put on a real estate site to try and sell your house. Her snark is pretty darn funny too.

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