Whoo Hoo!  My first award!  Jean at WorkingMomma247 presented it to me. 
I would like to take a moment to thank...Oh, sorry, I got a little excited there!
Here is how it works:
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I nominate:
  1. Aprill
  2. Ashlee
  3. Jen
  4. Frank
  5. Liz
  6. Kelly
  7. Angie
Okay, so here are my 10 random things:
1.  I have been on the Oprah show.  Not a subject I am proud about, but I am a better mother because of it.
2.  I have done Baptisms for the Dead in another country.  Canada, that is.  Cardston Temple.  We lived in Great Falls, Montana, and that was our temple district.  It was an overnight trip because it was so far away. 
3.  I have eaten frogs legs.  I was young, like 10 or 11, and my dad brought them home one day. We all ate them. They tasted like chicken. I would really like to find when I could buy some so my kids could taste them too.  Anyone know where I can get some?
4.  I have horrible road rage.  I have screamed at people, and then wonder what the heck I am doing. When The Teenager was 4, a car cut me off and he shouted, "You stupid idiot!" I knew then I had a problem! I now try to drive on or just under the speed limit so that I don't get angry. Then I can laugh at the people trying to speed around me. And don't get me started on the parking lots at the schools. I am just glad that my kids walk so I don't have to deal with it on a daily basis. I would be nuts otherwise!
5.  I have 14 bins and 8 boxes of Christmas decorations.  It's not that I have a lot, it's just that there are some big things.  Okay, I do have a lot.  Especially in my living room which is decorated in pink...including the decorations on my tree.  I have stopped buying the pink and now buy stuff to decorate the rest of my house!
6.  I have pooped my pants in the mall...and I was married with 3 children at the time!  Not my proudest moment!
7.  I suffer from allergies and they are getting worse all the time.  I never had allergies until my freshman year at Ricks College.  Then they were just in the summer.  But over the years, they have gotten worse and lasted longer.  I am also allergic to pets, especially cats and dogs.  When I go to the in-laws, I have to take antihistamine the whole time I am there, which knocks me out.  I am such a fun guest!  And last month I developed an allergy to shrimp.  I am so sad!  I really need to go to an allergist.  It's on The List.
8.  I have used a planner for years and years and years.  It is my lifeline.  I lost one once and cried for weeks.  I keep everything in there.  However, I am not using it as much as I used to, I think mainly because I am so busy, I don't have time to make lists any more.  But I have The List.  I just keep writing things on it and when I have time, I go to The List and see what I have time to do. 
9.  I hate onions, peppers (hot, green, red, etc.), salsa, Mexican food, olives in food (especially pizza), avocados, chicken hearts (yes, I have tried one and it was nasty!), black pepper, raw fish (sushi...eew!), canned peas, lima beans, anchovies...the list goes on and on.  I don't do gourmet!
I love red meat, pork, potatoes (mashed, boiled, baked, etc.), fresh corn, Jell-O...basically comfort food.
10.  I love getting comments on my blog posts, but I rarely get them.  Please love me!  I want to feel popular!  LOL
Tag...you're it!


Jean said... Reply To This Comment

I've eaten frog legs too..you'd probably have to find some Cajun restaurant to get them.
I hate canned peas, olives, and onions but love onion rings.
You know I've gotta read the poop post.
So glad you did this one! I feel honored I was the first to tag you with an award. :)

devri said... Reply To This Comment

Phew, I am glad you didn't chose me, I am way behind on my posts.. jk

loved your list woman.

Angie said... Reply To This Comment

Well Camille I did it! It's not exactly the right way, but I did it! Plus, I wrote a comment on your blog! :)

Designher Momma said... Reply To This Comment

ok, so I can't cook for you ....I'm all about the peppers and onions. But...I DO love your list.

Jenny Dagle said... Reply To This Comment

I ate frog legs as a kid too, but it was at a restaurant. You are right, it tasted just like chicken. :)

Jen said... Reply To This Comment

I have never eaten frogs legs and hope I never do, lol!

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