So I wanted to post some pictures of things I have done with The Princess' hair. I have found wonderful hair blogs like The Story of a Princess and Her Hair and Girly Do's by Jenn and Babes in Hairland just to name a few. It has been so fun, and I can see us doing it more and more in the future.
The mom's on the hair blogs talk about how much fun it is, and what a wonderful time to spend with their daughter. She has to just sit there and can't get away, so they talk and have actual conversations.
Anyway, on to the pictures:

This was my first one and I loved how it turned out. Who knew you could do so much with hair? LOL

This one made her look just like a princess.

This is the headband, and continues all the way back. So her hair could be down, but not in her face, and the "headband" didn't fall out!

I thought this one looked so classy and elegant.

This one is harder to see, but I did two corkscrews, and then twisted them together.

Lots of curls! This hairstyle took forever!
So that is just a sampling of what we have done. I just realized you have a lot of pictures of the back of her head, so we will end with a cute picture of her face, so you can see how happy she is and how much she loves her hair.


Frank, Heidi and Family said... Reply To This Comment

I love looking at hair blogs. You did some really great ones. I can't wait until Cam's hair is that long. Yeah! Right now it's in that awkward phase where it's long enough to look shaggy, but not long enough to put in tiny elastics so there's not much to do but headbands (which she pulls off to play with). You'll have to teach me when it's time.

Liz said... Reply To This Comment

Those are so cute, you're really good at that. I'm sort of glad I have a boy and can just keep it short and not worry about doing it, but I'm sure I'll be excited to do a little girl's hair when it's time. Anyways, good job!

Jenny Dagle said... Reply To This Comment

Amazing hair-dos! Your daughter is an absolute doll, and isn't it nice that she is willing to sit for you?

I had no idea there were hair blogs! I will have to take a look, so far all my ideas have come from library books.

Melissa said... Reply To This Comment

Fabulous hair dos - makes me long for a girl! Lucky for the princess, electric combs have been discontinued...that was my childhood nightmare w/ long hair.

Potter Family said... Reply To This Comment

She always looks so cute. Someday Kate is going to request a new mom because she would love it if I would do something like that. I just don't have the patience. Maybe someday.

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