I downloaded my camera a couple weeks ago. I love seeing pictures that I took, but I had forgotten about. Following is just a smattering of them.
This picture is of The Princess spelling her name with twist ties. I don't use twist ties to tie up my garbage bags, so I always have a ton to play with. She totally did this on her own. I was so impressed! (Pretend that you can't read what her real name is!)

This is the Princess dressed up as Darth Vadar. She loves dressing up in the Halloween costumes. And changing them. Several times an hour. But isn't she cute?

Here is The Princess on her brand new bed. No more toddler bed. No more crib mattress. Now she has a really big girls bed. I wanted something that would be classy and could go from small girl to teenager. And I got a really good price on it, which helped me justify how much I spent on the comforter!

More pictures to come.


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Your little Princess has gorgeous eyes and a sweet smile!

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