Rexburg Idaho

My Apartment

Princeton Court.  This is the manager’s house, where I lived.  My best friend’s parents owned the apartments, so I got to live with them for cheap!  The top window on the left was my bedroom window.

 Tom's Apartment

Princeton Court.  This was The Doctor’s apartment, way back before he even dreamed of getting his Ph.D.  The window on the top left was his apartment.  The balcony in the middle is where we spent many an evening kissing!  See the building on the far right that is mostly cut off?  That is where I lived! 

The Mailbox

See the mailboxes?  That is where it all began.  We would “meet” here when we got our mail and talk for hours.  I thought I was being crafty by watching for him to go get his mail, and he thought the same.  That is where our friendship grew. 

I have such fond memories of these 3 places, and I hadn’t realized that I didn’t have any pictures until The Doctor sent me these on a recent trip to Rexburg.  I totally cried when I opened my email and saw them! 


Frank, Heidi and Family said... Reply To This Comment

Wow, those pictures make me miss Rexburg. That is where Frank and I met as well. Rexburg, that is, not Princeton Court and those mailboxes. :)

Melissa said... Reply To This Comment

Tender! What a romantic thing for your boyfriend to do...

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