So, I had a request to show the after pictures of our first house.  First, I have to show you the in-between, after all the weeds were mowed down.  We were on 1/2 acre, so the back yard was enormous!



Yes, that’s a boat in the yard.  It came with the house.  We thought it would make a really cool sandbox.  Except when we tried to move it, it completely fell apart.  It was rotted all the way through.  So we had to just junk it.  Along the back there used to be a cinderblock fence.  It was crumbling and falling apart.  We stacked them up, and eventually gave them away.  All the neighbors had built privacy fences anyway!

We hired some men to scrape down the yard and level it.  Finally, it was time for the sod.


We laid sod twice…once in the spring and once in the fall.  We had to spread out the cost.  So these 3 pallets of sod only covered 1/2 of the backyard.  After it was delivered, I remember standing and looking at it and wondering what we had gotten ourselves into.  The Doctor and I laid it all by ourselves (with limited help from the kids). It was heavy and back-breaking work. 


But I loved having an instant backyard.  It looked so much better than the weeds and dirt! 


Here it is after the second round of sod.  I was so happy.  And I know the neighbors appreciated it too! 

However, the worst part of laying all that sod?  We didn’t have the money to do a sprinkler system, so we hand watered it the entire time we lived there.  If I could go back, I would just bit the bullet and put it in and charge it on the credit card.  It was so time consuming to water it all! 


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Thanks for posting the after pictures! Wow, it does look nice, but I'm sure it was A LOT of hard work.

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