I love a clean car.  Especially in the winter when it gets so much salt on it.  I splurge and get car washes because I love how nice it looks.  I just wish it lasted longer.

However, I have learned that I prefer to do it by hand.  Not with my hose, but at the car wash.  The automatic car washes just don’t do a very good job on my minivan.  They don’t get the back washed very well, and they don’t rinse it very well. 

There is a car wash that I love.  It’s called the Aloha Auto Spa.  They don’t have special brushes or machines.  I like them because they use colored and scented foam.  It’s pink and smells like bubble gum.  That’s a good reason to choose a car wash, right? 


Angie said... Reply To This Comment

I'll have to try this place out! I've seen the place but never experienced it. I'm excited about the colored and scented foam. If we could just get this rain to stop, I'll be down there washing my car!

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