You all know how much I love my sleep.  And not just daytime, but nighttime too.  But I also know that life doesn’t stop just because someone is asleep.

Even if that someone is a baby.

I never understood why people tiptoe around when the baby is sleeping.  Yes, you don’t need to scream and shout, but life can’t stop.  Nothing bugs me more than when I see the sign on the doorbell that says, “Shhh.  Baby sleeping.” 


You have to train your children to sleep through the noise.   During day, you have to keep noise going.  Even when they are babies.  Have the TV or radio going.  Keep their door open.  Go about your daily activities. 

With my children, I could even vacuum in their rooms while they were sleeping.  I would shut the door and turn the vacuum on in the hall, move it to just outside the door, then open the door.  Vacuum away!

The Chocoholic even preferred the noise.  He didn’t wake up when it was noisy, he would wake up when it was quiet! 

Trust me.  Your life will be much easier if you train them to sleep through the noise.  They will be better sleepers!


Frank, Heidi and Family said... Reply To This Comment

Just got back from out of town. Love the new set-up and yes, I agree I've always had it noisy with the kids sleeping. I do however, have one child who is such a light sleeper and has always been no matter what I do. Oh well.

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