When I ask you what your most monumental moments in your life have been, what would you say?

Okay, so we would all say getting married, having babies, etc.  Those are the obvious ones.

I want to know about the other monumental moments.  The ones that still meant a lot to you, or changed your life. 

I have several, and I thought I would start Monumental Moment Mondays.  Just for fun.
Here is today’s moment :

After baby #2, I started having the feeling that I needed to finish my education.  I had put it on hold to have babies, and really hadn’t planned on ever finishing, but I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I need to go back. 

So I enrolled at the University of Phoenix, where you attend class once a week, in the evening.  When I started college before I was married, I was majoring in Elementary Education.  Then after we got married, I switched to Medical Transcription.  But when I started going for my Bachelor’s at UOP, I went into Accounting.  I needed 2 years to finish.

2 months after I started school, I got pregnant.  So I spent the first year of my schooling pregnant.  I gave birth 1 week after finishing the hardest class of my program…Advanced Accounting. 

I then spent the second year of my schooling taking care of an infant, driving 90 miles round trip to take my son to preschool (that’s another story in itself), and I had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands (that’s another story!).

But I did it.  I finished.  I got my Bachelor’s degree in Accounting!  I was an accountant! 

I haven’t done too many things for myself, but this one was just for me.  I still smile when I think about it.  It was so hard, but I kept going and I finished. 

That was a huge Monumental Moment for me. 

I have more moments coming but I would love to hear some of yours, whether it be in comments or your own blog posts.


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I promise to write one when I get feeling better.

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