When I started having kids, I put weight on…and didn’t take it off.  After the 3rd child, when we tried to get pregnant again, it didn’t happen.  We tried for 3 1/2 years. 

I had never been regular, going anywhere from 3 weeks to 9 weeks between periods.  I was finally diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, which causes you to not ovulate as often as you should. 

Several times I was told that loosing weight would help, but it took a few years for it to sink in.  Finally, in August of 2003 I joined Weight Watchers with my mom.  I did really good at it and ended up loosing 39.6 pounds!  I wanted, and needed, to lose more.  However…I got pregnant! 

But that wasn’t the monumental moment. 

I still remember the first week after I joined WW and how hard it was.  I was used to eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.  I remember the first time my stomach growled in hunger.  I hadn’t heard that sound for years. 

But that still wasn’t the monumental moment.

I went to that first weigh-in so nervous.  I stood on the scale and just prayed.  When I looked down and saw a weight loss, I squealed in delight!  I was amazed that just by not eating as much, I could lose weight.  I really thought it would take more, that I would have to exercise like crazy. 

That was monumental to me.


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