This winter The Chocoholic and The Princess made some snowmen.  I was at work while they were at home, so they made the snowmen by the sidewalk so they could welcome me home.  And then stupid teenagers knocked them down.  They were so upset!  I told them to make new ones in the backyard and then we would paint them.

To paint your snowmen, just buy some cheap spray bottles, fill with water and then put a couple drops of food coloring in.  You can make a bunch of different colors for really cheap.  The colors will fade off the snowmen over time, so keep the colors so they can be refreshed!


The kids also made baby snowmen.  See what I mean about the fading?


They found a plastic sack in the backyard, so they made “Crystal” with her long hair!


As the snowmen melted, they started leaning, and eventually some fell over.  The Princess decided it would be funny to spray them with red so it looked like they were bleeding.  Yes, I’m so proud.  But it was really cute!



They had so much fun doing this and it was a very inexpensive activity.  And with it being in the backyard, they stayed up for a very long time!


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