I never knew how opinionated people were about the word verification on blogs. And I want people to like me and to comment, so...

I took it off. But if I get a bunch of spam, it goes back on!

Merry Christmas to all those who hate it!


Debbie said... Reply To This Comment

I've never had it on and I've only gotten two spams in all this time. I hope you will be as lucky. And it is easier to comment without it. Especially for losers like me who seem to type the wrong letters in every time.

Aprill said... Reply To This Comment

I actually went to comment one time and ddin't get the word right, so I gave up. It was a silly comment anyway. :)

Jessica said... Reply To This Comment

I don't have word verification on either. It drives me nuts! I've never had any spam.

Jenny Dagle said... Reply To This Comment

Thank you! I really don't like the word verification thing, and I almost never get spam comments. When I do I just delete them.

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