...when I am freakishly busy! Argh! I can't believe how much is going on! For the last two weeks, seriously, every time my kids came home from school, one of them had something to add to my calendar. Here is what December looks like:

1 - Family Home Evening...go and see the lights on Temple Square.
2 - Wow...a gap! Nothing on the calendar!
3 - My boys received awards at the Reflections contest, so I went to that assembly. Then that night was dance practice for The Princess.
4 - The Chocoholic's birthday, The Teenager had to be at an elementary school at 8 am for a concert tour. I had to be at the school at 2:00 to pick up cookie dough, scouts for one boy at 6:00, combined activity for the other two at 6:30, pick up the first boy at 7:00.
5 - The Chocoholic's birthday party from 3:30-5:00, and the ward dinner at 6:00.
6 - Start working on neighbor/coworker/friend gifts. 4:00 my work party.
7 - Tithing settlement at 10:00, 2 boys and dh fast offerings at 11:00, church from 1-4, dinner at Mom's at 5:30.
8 - Dress rehearsal for The Princess. Supposed to be from 6:30 - 7:00 for her class, we were there until 7:30.
9 - Dress rehearsal again. Supposed to be from 5:30-6:00, we were there until 7:30 again.
10 - The Teenager had to be at his school at 5:00. 6:00 was pack meeting, leave early at 6:30 and rush over to the school to be late for concert. Come home for 45 minutes, leave again for second concert for The Teenager, finish at 8:30, head over to the high school for The Princess' dance (The Nutcracker). Stupid dance. Doesn't finish until 10:15, don't get my 4 year old into bed until 10:45 (along with all the other kids).
11 - Make the executive decision to skip the dance tonight. Huge weight off my shoulders. At 10:00 have to meet with Primary President to go over music for next year. 6:00 Enrichment Night, which I can now go to!
12 - Take The Princess to Grandma's at 4:00 for sleepover, The Doctor teaches tonight, I think I might go to bed early.
13 - Finish neighbor/coworker/friend gifts.
14 - church
15 - The Princess has a birthday party.
16 - Preschool program in morning, Stamp group party that night.
17 - Band concert
18 - Scouts/Mutual
19 - My birthday, 3 boys sleepover at Grandma's

From here on, my calendar is clear. But on top of everything going on, I am crazy busy at work doing engagement letters and huge projects, plus trying to get some Christmas presents made.

I am going to need a nap soon!


devri said... Reply To This Comment

wow, you are almost as busy as me... ;0)

hwy we are doing a get together on the 18th... are you in?

Beck said... Reply To This Comment

This time of year is just CRAZY BUSY, isn't it?

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