Oh, I guess that's me! LOL I am now 36, and I am on the downhill slide to 40. Yuck. But I still love my birthday because I get presents!
My favorite present was my new monitor and chair last year so working from home would be easier. I had been sitting on a folding chair and my back would hurt all the time. This chair was a lifesaver, considering I now work about 10 hours from home. I have a wonderful husband!

So for your present to me today, tell about your favorite present you have gotten for your birthday and why it was so special.


devri said... Reply To This Comment

I love your new monitor, I got a printer for Christmas, trading it in for a 22inch widescreen, I am lookin' at a 15 in flat..

And a Office chair...

I still sit at a table chair, hard, and hard on my "HOT BOD" lol

Frank, Heidi and Family said... Reply To This Comment

Frank does really well with coming up with gifts that I love. One particular one was my b-day when I was pregnant with Jackson. I was so sick, we lived in a tiny apartment, and he suprised me with a very nice rocker/glider. We hadn't even talked about one or looked at them or anything. He went for a really nice one with a lifetime warranty, so I will have it for life. It's been a life saver for those late nights rocking kids. One more, this past year Frank bought me a bed. Yep a headboard and matching dresser. He did a fabulous job picking it out. I guess he decided after 9 years it's time for bedroom furniture.

Jean said... Reply To This Comment

Happy Birthday!!

I think the best gift I ever got myself was my Wii last year. The whole family enjoys it and I'm nice enough to share. :)

Melissa said... Reply To This Comment

A baby. I always wish for a baby (or another baby) when I blow out my candles. Two weeks after my birthday in 1999, I found out I was pregnant with Josh!

Jenny Dagle said... Reply To This Comment

Happy Birthday--you are young!

I would have to say my favorite birthday gift every year is breakfast in bed. For an actual gift that I opened, I will say my little blue camera.

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