So when I was growing up, I thought the tradition of opening one present on Christmas Eve and it always being pajamas was unique to my family. Since then, I have discovered that just about every family does it! LOL Here are a few pictures of my kids through the years in their new pajamas.

2002 - Superman

2003 - Dinosaurs and Space

2004 - Superheros

2005 - Pajama pants and white t-shirts, and a cute pink sleeper!

2006 - Pajama pants again (they think they are too grown up for regular pajamas now) and pink hearts!

2007 - They all had so many pairs of pajamas, that we did slippers this year. Aren't they cute?
I wonder what will come this year? Hmmmmm.........


devri said... Reply To This Comment

Were not opening up Christmas jams this year, I am letting them open up my moms gift, (a sweet game) in the afternoon, so that everyone will leave me alone, so I can get stuff done!!!

Yeah, I am smart...

Angie said... Reply To This Comment

LOL! We've always done pajamas! Even after I had kids my mom was still buying us pajamas. Years ago I finally told her she didn't need to buy me anymore because I already had so many! This year I told her that my pajamas were ten years old and falling apart so she could get me some next year!!

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