Why is so hard to be a teenager? I remember being one and the feelings and frustrations were enormous.

And now that I am the mom of a teenager? My heart hurts to see him going through things that I can't do anything about.

I can see now why Satan's plan would have been so appealing. I want to take away all his struggles and just do it for him so he doesn't have to hurt.

Because when he hurts, I hurt.

And tonight, we are both hurting.

I thought it was hard being a teenager, but it's so much harder being the mom.


Mindy said... Reply To This Comment

Not looking forward to that time. I just want them to stay babies for now!

Frank, Heidi and Family said... Reply To This Comment

I am sorry. It is so hard for me to see my kids when they get hurt physically or emotionally, and when kids at school say and do mean things and I can't protect them. Hope he is OK and just pray hard. :)

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