The Chocoholic was born December 4, 1998.

I was 26.
We went to the doctor at 8 am that morning. He examined me, I was only at a 1, and then he sent me to get an ultrasound done on the baby's kidneys. (He was diagnosed with Hydronephosis. Another story for another day.)

After he looked at the pictures, he said that they were the same and he wanted to go ahead with the induction. I said okay. I knew that he had my best interest in mind, and the baby's, and so I was okay with it. Last night, I told Tom that I just had a feeling that I would be induced today, and I was okay with it.

So we walked casually down the hall to the women's center at JV Hospital and they were waiting for us. I got changed into that attractive, modest gown and got into bed.

The nurse came in to put in my I.V. It was so awful! Apparently she usually just works on babies, and not the mommies. She was trying to find a vein that was long enough to put the needle in, and wouldn't roll. She kept switching from hand to hand trying to decide which to use. She started on my right hand, and was trying to put it in. It hurt so bad! I mean really, really bad. So she gave up on the hand and tried to put it in the arm. And it hurt, really, really, really bad!

The Doctor (husband) left and told them we wanted a different nurse to put it in. He said they get two tries, and they are out. I didn't even have to ask him to do that! So another nurse came in and got it in my left hand really quick, and hardly any pain. So finally at 9:35, they got the IV going.

I felt the first contraction 5 minutes later, but it just felt like my Braxton's. For about 3 hours, I only felt about half of the contractions, and they were just strong B.H. No big deal. At 12:40, the dr. came in and broke my water. I thought it would hurt, but I didn't feel a thing, other than wet! At that point, I was only dilated to a 2.

The contractions started getting harder, and I had to start breathing through them. Mom came up, as I had invited her to be there for the birth. I just sat in the rocker and watched TV. I hated not being able to walk around. I think if I could have, it would have gone faster and easier. I asked the nurse, and she said it was "protocol" that if you are on Pitocin, you have to be hooked to the baby monitor at all times, except to go the bathroom.

Side note, my nurse was so wonderful! Her name was FaeLynn, and she was the best thing for me. She was so nice and caring and we talked and talked. She really helped me get through all of this.

Anyway, at 3:30, they checked me, and I was only at 5. I was frustrated. At 4:30, the contractions were really hurting. I was having a hard time keeping control during them. They checked me and I was only at 6.

I asked for an epidural.

Let me take that back.

I begged for an epidural! LOL I was in so much pain. And of course I couldn't walk, so all I could do was lie in bed and breathe. So they put a call in to the anesthesiologist on call, and said he would be there soon.

He got there at 5:05 and they asked if I really still wanted the epidural. They checked me and I was at an 8, but it hurt so bad, that I said yes.

They took their sweet time getting set up (LOL) and at 5:15, ask me again if I am sure. They kept asking me because they knew my feelings on going natural. I had them check me again, and I was still at an 8. I was thinking that this birth was taking forever, and I didn't want any more pain! I said yes.

So then they tell me that I am not allowed to move while he is putting it in.


During the contractions, my nurse was staring me in the eyes, helping me to breathe. I started pushing. Everyone is freaking out because he is still doing the epidural. I was telling them, I need to push! So my nurse is now staring me in the eyes, helping me pant! LOL Tom later told me that my eyes were scary! I had a wild look on my face, and he could tell I was loosing control.

I told them I was pushing, and one nurse grabbed my legs and squeezed them together! I was so mad. I could feel the head between my legs!

At 5:25, they got the epidural in, my nurse went around, looked between my legs, looked at another nurse, and said, "We are going to have to deliver this baby now!" I told them I had to push! LOL Keep in mind my dr.'s office is just down the hall. He walked in as I was pushing the head out. He jokingly told me that if I had had this baby before he got there, he wouldn't be my dr. anymore because that would be twice!

Anyway, The Chocoholic was born at 5:27 p.m. The epidural hadn't even kicked in yet! Sure glad I asked for it! So it was a completely natural birth. I tore some and had to have stitches, but that is because I wasn't patient in my pushing!

The Doctor (husband) told me this part later. When his head started coming out, his face was really blue, and the cord was wrapped around his neck. They were afraid that something was wrong. So as I was trying to push, they were holding him in a little bit, trying to get the cord out enough to get it off. As soon as he was born, they had in the layette, giving him oxygen. But his face wasn't blue from lack of oxygen, it was blue because it was bruised from the birth! So I already gave him a bruise! LOL Again, I didn't know any of this for a couple of days. I am glad I wasn't aware of it then.

He was 8 lbs. even, and 19 inches long, with dark hair! As the dr. was stitching me up, the power went off. Of course only for a second, then the generators kicked in, but it scared me! It had snowed all day, the first real snowstorm of the winter.
See the popped vein in my forehead from pushing? Beautiful!

Oh, I love baby stretches! This outfit, as unattractive as it is, was the outfit we brought all 3 of our boys home in.


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Wow. I'm fully impressed that you went natural with pitocin. That stuff is evil! Oh and holding still during an epidural? I've never concentrated so hard in my life. All I could do was count, out loud, to distract myself. And squeeze Jeremy's hand off. :) Do write about the hydronephrosis. I want to know more!

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