How long were your labors? (I am counting from when the pains started, not when my water broke)

The Teenager: 7 hours
The Artist: 3 1/2 hours
The Chocoholic: 8 hours
The Princess: 5 hours

How did you know you were in labor?

The Teenager: My water broke
The Artist: The intense pain!
The Chocoholic: Because I was in a hospital bed with an i.v. of Pitocin hooked up to my arm
The Princess: My water broke

Where did you deliver?

The Teenager: P.V. Hospital
The Artist: J.R. Hospital (BEST WOMEN'S CENTER EVER!)
The Chocoholic: J.R. Hospital (DITTO)
The Princess: A.V. Hospital



Who delivered?

The Teenager: Dr. Dinger (I am not kidding...and I hated him! But he was better than the dr. I had for the first 90% of the pregnancy...Dr. Slezack. I'm not kidding!)
The Artist: Dr. Hansen (BEST DOCTOR EVER!)
The Chocoholic: Dr. Hansen (DITTO)
The Princess: Dr. Smith
The Teenager: Two half shots of pain killer, which did nothing except put me to sleep in between contractions so I couldn't get on top of them.
The rest: Nothing. Just wonderful pain and the best feeling in the world is pushing that little baby out. I loved it!


Meredith's Mommy said... Reply To This Comment

You mean Scott Hansen at SVW? I went to him a few times for regular obgyn visits. He's awesome.

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