I adore the Gilmore Girls. Everything about them. Their relationship with each other, the town full of crazy people (I love Kirk!), and especially how fast they talk! Watch this video clip. You only have to watch the first little part. However, if you are a huge fan (Heidi!) you might enjoy watching the whole thing and see if you can remember what episode each clip is from and what was happening.

And speaking of Kirk, those of you who saw this episode will fully appreciate this video. And if you haven't, just know that this is hilarious in my world!

Oh, oh, oh, and the whole Luke and Christopher fight! I am LOL right now!

And when the car crashed into Luke's diner? Classic! Why anyone lets Kirk do things for them is beyond me. But remember my novel? These episodes would have been really short if I was their writer!

I could go on and on, but I just want you all to know how much I love these girls!


Aprill said... Reply To This Comment

I didn't know you watched Gilmore Girls. The DesNews TV editor LOVES that show. He is always talking about it. I don't watch Gilmore Girls because I came to it too late. But I almost always like what he likes. So, you should check out this column.


The Mom said... Reply To This Comment

You should totally watch. I own all 7 seasons on DVD, if you ever want to borrow.

Frank, Heidi and Family said... Reply To This Comment

I miss this show so much. I hated how it ended though, but I absolutely miss the speed talking, and the mom/daughter relationship. First friends ended and now this. Ohhhhh- now I have nothing to watch.

The Mom said... Reply To This Comment

Have you ever watched "Eureka" on the SciFi channel? It's hilarious!

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