This year my Dad and Mom invited all of his children to participate in March Madness with them.  But not the basketball kind.  The Book of Mormon kind.

The challenge?  Read the entire Book of Mormon in one month.  It averaged out to 7.7 chapters a day, or 17.1 pages a day. 

When I started, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to keep up the pace.  And there were a few times that I got behind and then had to catch up.  I think what really saved me is listening to it on my phone while I crocheted.  The crocheting was repetitive, so I could concentrate on the scriptures.  I really enjoyed listening to it in big chunks at a time.  I understood the people and the stories so much better because I was getting more of the story at a time.

When I got near the end, I didn’t want to put it down.  I read the last 5 days worth in 2 days.  I was enjoying it, and I was excited to finish it.  I finished 3 days early while I was at the swimming pool for the Princess’ swimming lessons. As I sat there, I closed my eyes and prayed and got a confirmation that it was true. I have really gained a love for it over the last month.

I am so very glad that I did this. I think I want to make it a yearly tradition. I also realized that I do better with scripture reading when I have a schedule and have to stick by it. Then I can't just blow off a day. I have to be accountable for it.


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That's amazing! Great job!

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