President Thomas S. Monson

· Your questions will be answered

· Change your lives

President Boyd K. Packer

· You are holding a nation in your arms

· Children should have 2 parents – a father and a mother

· Life was not mreant to be easy or fair

· Husband and wife first calling is to each other, then to children

I made the comment a few weeks ago that I would gladly kill all my children so they could go to the celestial kingdom. I would take the punishment and spend my life in jail and eternal damnation if it meant they would be okay. President Packer’s talk helped me to realize that I don’t have to do that. Christ already gave up his life so my children could return to the celestial kingdom. They just have to accept his atonement and sacrifice for them.

Sister Cheryl A Esplin

· Teach our children to understand the doctrines

· It’s more than just importing the doctrine, it’s helping them pull it into their very being

· As children learn, their understanding is expanded, which leads to more learning and more understanding

· They will become more self reliant and more responsible

Elder Donald L. Hallstrom

· It is possible to be active in the church and less active in the gospel

· Activity in the church is the outward appearance

· Activity in the gospel are less visible and less difficult to measure, but they are of greater eternal importance

· 1 – deepen our understanding of Deity

· 2 – focus on the ordinances and covenants

· 3 – unite the gospel with the church

· If we comet o our meetings to be taught, we will never be disappointed. If we come to be entertained, we will be disappointed

Elder Paul E. Koelliker

· How do we help our children feel the spirit? How can we help them have the desire to follow the gospel?

· Feel the desire in our hearts

· As we understand our HF plan for us, we desire to help others understand

· When we live the gospel, our ability to help others increases

Elder Dallin H. Oaks

· Christ offered the ultimate sacrifice, His precious blood he freely spilt

· The atonement is at the center of the plan of salvation

· We must make sacrifices of our time and resources

· Our sacrifices as Latter-day Saints are among the most of Christians

· How do we persuade others to serve? We just ask them.

· Those who understand the gospel know that no sacrifice is too great

· As you sacrifice for each other and your children, the Lord will bless you

President Henry B. Eyring

· Prayed for a trial, received a confirmation that Heavenly Father heard his prayer

· All these things shall be for thy good and give thee experience

· Why do trials come?

· The Lord has promised he will not desert us

· Our foundation of faith must be carefully prepared to withstand the storms of trials we will endure

· Personal integrity and correct choices prepare the solid ground

· The metal framework is the gospel of Jesus Christ, serving God and others persistently

· Acting on even a twig of faith allows God to help it grow

· You receive no witness until after the trial of your faith

· Trials make clocks seem to slow down or even stop. God just wants us to be polished and be ready for Him.

· In all conditions, we can choose the right.

· We can live with perfect hope.

· We are never alone. The Savior has promised angels on our left and on our right.


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