Anyone who knows me, knows that I get road rage.  It’s not pretty.  I really try to control it, but when I get behind the wheel, I seem to turn into a different person. 

Goofy Motor Mania

But after The Teenager got 2 speeding tickets in 3 weeks, (“But I was only going 20 over, and the cop reduced it down to 10!”), resulting in $270 in fines, plus $40 for a defensive driving course to get some of the points off his record, I realized that I needed to be a better example. 

So yesterday, I decided to try something completely new to me.  Something so wild that I thought I was going crazy.

I drove the speed limit the whole day.  The whole day. 

It was so liberating!  I was relaxed, I didn’t yell at anyone, and when I arrived at work, I wasn’t stressed out!  I couldn’t believe that just by obeying that simple law, I could rid myself of the road rage.  I am truly amazed and humbled.  I am going to try and drive the speed limit from now on. 

Oh, and another thing I discovered?  I thought drivers would be racing around me and getting mad at me.  Nope.  Most people drive the speed limit too!  Who knew?!?!


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