What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

1.  I would plant corn in my garden.  We have tried it before and the wind blew it all over.  It was very frustrating.

2.  I would go on The Biggest Loser.  I want to lose weight, and I could win all the money too!

3.  I would also go on The Amazing Race.  I love that show and it looks like so much fun!

4. I would sky dive (I still plan on doing this at some point in my life, but it would be nice to absolutely know I wouldn’t die!).

5. I would do the Couch to 5K and succeed in running a 5K without stopping.  I tried before and killed my knee.  it took months for it to feel better.  I never went to the doctor, because I have too many other things wrong with me.  I don’t want to know what is wrong with it.

6. I would put all my true feelings on my blog and makes lots of money because everyone would either think I was hilarious or they would feel really sorry for me. :-)

7.  I would get 100% on my Visiting Teaching for the rest of my life.

8.  I would accompany a choir on the organ in the Conference Center.

I would love to hear your answers!


Angie said... Reply To This Comment

I would go on the Amazing Race too. LOVE that show! Love your answers! :)

Frank, Heidi and Family said... Reply To This Comment

I would go back to school.
I would go visit every single sister on the ward list that I don't know ( which is a lot).
I would go skydiving with you (it's on my bucket list) ;)
I would be more daring and self- confident in helping frank with his book and work endeavors.

Tia said... Reply To This Comment

I would climb Everest!
I'd also be on the Amazing Race. :)
And you CAN do the couch to 5K! Try again!

Jessica said... Reply To This Comment

I'm going to be thinking about this one for a while. But, right off the top of my head...
Lose the weight and keep it off. (It's the keeping it off that eludes me)
Write a bestseller.

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