9 days.  That’s all it took for The Artist’s bedroom.  And the first day I was at work while they pulled everything out into my front room.  I have to say the hardest part of all the redecorating is having the mess in my front room.  I use that room as my quiet clean room where I can go and relax.  And when it’s full of the kids’ stuff, I can’t sit or relax!

So day 1 was pulling everything out, days 2 and 3 were painting, and we got his bed put back in at the end of day 3.  The next 3 days nothing was done.  It was the weekend, and then the first day of school (Whoo Hoo!).  Then it was hanging shelves and painting picture frames and organizing. 

Here is a before picture (the only picture I could find of the room.  Ignore the crazy kid in the middle!):

100_8383 edited

And after pictures:


As you can see, I chose NOT to strip his dresser.  It a weird sort of way, it looks good in the room.  I am sure I will change my mind later, but stripping the first dresser is too fresh in my mind right now!  The Artist uses it as a desk for his drawing, so it will never, ever be that clean again! 

My favorite project in this room was his drum stool.  The Doctor salvaged it from work and it worked fine, but it was gray and scratched up and not pretty.  I bought a can of navy blue spray paint and went to work on it.  I love how it ended up!


I got this room done in 4 days less than bedroom #1.  I was quite happy with that!


Angie said... Reply To This Comment

Once again, it looks wonderful! Great job!

Alyssa Elledge said... Reply To This Comment

These rooms look amazing! Nice work!

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