We decided that since we are sticking around here for a while, it was time to paint.  We moved all the children’s bedrooms around, which necessitated painting The Teenager’s room first, since he moved upstairs into the pink bedroom.  We knew everyone else would be okay waiting, but a 17 year old boy in a pink bedroom wouldn’t go over well. 

He has wanted black walls forever.  There was no way I was allowing that to happen. So I started looking online for ideas for teenage boys.  I saw a cute bedroom decorated with gray and black and red.  I knew he would love that, and when I showed it to him, I was right. He was thrilled.  We went to the store and found a cute pillow with the exact colors we wanted.  We bought bedding and paint and we were ready to go.

It took me 15 days to do his room.  One day to get all the rooms moved around and everything out of his room, one day to paint, and 2 days to strip and repaint his dresser. He had done it initially, and it was bad.  I mean, really bad.  It looks so much better now! And then I was burned out.  I let it go for about a week because I just couldn’t think about it.  I had school shopping and work and other things to do. 

Finally, I repainted all his picture frames black and sprayed them with a glossy finish.  I love how they turned out.  Then I was able to hang the pictures and shelves on the wall.  Done!  I was so glad to get that room done.  I am determined that then next rooms won’t take as long!

Here is a before picture:

And after pictures:


We all found it amazing that his weight bench and stuffed animals even match the room!  The room is a very adult feeling room.  He has a bunch of Lego sets that he will display on the shelves, but he gets to take care of that.  He loves how it looks and feels, which makes me very happy. 

Now, off to room #2!


Melissa said... Reply To This Comment

You did such a great job! Those are the colors Vince chose for his room, too. You've got skills, Camille.

Angie said... Reply To This Comment

Love it! Great job!

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