This whole moving thing is so stressful.  A few examples:

We haven’t started looking for another house because if I found a house and then this one didn’t sell, it would be such a let down.  I can’t afford 2 house payments.  

I have started boxing things up, but what happens if the house doesn’t sell?  I like how much room we have with a bunch of stuff boxed up in the garage!  But we have had to go out and dig through boxes several times looking for things that we need.

And boxes…trying to collect boxes.  I hate begging at the grocery store, but I have been getting a lot.  But again, what happens if it doesn’t sell?  So I am not boxing up too much stuff, which means I have a bunch of empty boxes in my garage!

It is hard work keeping my house clean enough for random people to come through and see my house.  I still have to live in my house!  I am so stressed trying to keep it picked up and the dishes done and the boys’ bathroom smelling good! 

We have been fixing things up and doing touch up painting that has needed to be done for several years.  Why do we do that…have things on our to do list and put up with it undone, only to finally fix it when we are going to leave?  I would have been so much happier if we had done it years ago!

When I am home alone during the day, I am terrified to go to the bathroom for any extended length of time.  What happens if an agent decides to bring people through without calling first, and because I am “occupied,” I don’t answer the door, so he uses the lockbox and lets himself in?  See where I am going with this?

What stresses you out about moving?


Angie said... Reply To This Comment

I've never moved except for out of my parent's home. I'm sure I would have the same stresses as you. I had a good laugh about the bathroom one. :)

Melissa said... Reply To This Comment

I hear you about the touching up. Why do we finally find the funds and time to fix up the house when it's time to leave it? Thanks to neighbors on both sides with for sale signs up for giving us the motivation, we've been working on touch ups to enjoy for years to come. BTW - the general consensus in the neighborhood is that we're atrocious neighbors. :(

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