...Whatever happened to the fruit that used to be at the bottom of yogurt? Remember, you had to stir it in yourself? I used to eat about 3/4 of the yogurt plain, and then stir in the fruit so it was really fruity. I loved it!

...Why are my fingernails so crappy? They are flat and soft and fingernail polish won't stick to them, no matter what. I love fake nails, but they are so expensive to maintain. I have decided that I will just have crappy nails the rest of my life.

...Why do swarms of ants appear on my sidewalk overnight?

...Why does lettuce grow so fast, but there isn't a tomato in sight yet? A salad with just lettuce is, well, just lettuce!
...Why am I sitting here blogging when I could be scrapbooking? I don't have any work to do, my scrapbook room is clean, and yet here I sit.


Aprill said... Reply To This Comment

You can still get fruit-at-the-bottom yogurt, if you look really hard. I don't know anything about ants. The lettuce grows for the bunny rabbits, and you are blogging because it's so dang fun? Just guessing.

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