July 13, Sunday afternoon my arm started hurting so bad, specifically my shoulder. It was awful. Sleep was impossible.

Monday I went to work and just forced myself to keep going. When I got home, The Doctor took me right to the doctor. I was diagnosed with tendonitis, given Lortab, my arm put in a sling, and bound tight to my body, and I got an appointment to start physical therapy on Friday. It still killed the rest of the day and sleep was awful. I woke up every 45 minutes to shift to a new position.

Tuesday I didn’t work, just sat all day.

Wednesday I didn’t work, just sat all day.

Thursday I didn’t work, just sat all day, although it was starting to feel somewhat better, and I was sleeping in about 3 hour blocks. But my arm and underarm have the worst heat rash that itches so bad!

Friday I went to physical therapy. It was so painful. She taped my back so I had to sit up totally straight with my shoulders back and it hurts. I have to go twice next week. I then left The Doctor at home and I drove The Princess and The Teenager up to camping. I lasted about 2 hours before I left. I was really hurting. I left the kids and drove home and wasn’t sure I was going to make it. But I did.

By the time The Doctor got home, my shoulders and back were hurting so bad from the tape. I couldn’t get comfortable and I was just bawling. The Doctor took the tape off for me (we were supposed to wait until Sunday), and then I took a hot shower and then The Doctor iced it for me. I was then able to sleep a little.

Saturday I woke up at 4:30 and just couldn’t sleep. My shoulder was hurting so bad. I got up and got on the computer and updated my journal. Then I worked on my quarterlies for work. We bought a bunch of mangos last week and today I peeled them, sliced them up and bagged them. I froze them so we can make more mango ice cream. I did 32 mangos. I took it easy, I thought. Nope, I paid for doing too much. My shoulder hurt so bad. I just couldn’t sleep.

Sunday I think I got maybe 2 hours of sleep last night. It was horrible. Church was okay. I just kept my arm folded against my body so no one would bump it. I should have worn the sling…

When it was time to go to sleep, my bicep was cramping from holding my arm in the same position all day. It was awful. I couldn’t find any position to get comfortable in. I cried most of the night.

Monday night was horrible. I maybe got 2 hours of sleep again. I was so tired and I hurt so bad.
I went to work and got everything done that had to be done, and then I left after 2 hours. I just hurt so bad and I was so tired.

I took a nap and was actually able to sleep. That felt so good. I also concentrated on keeping my arm down by my side to keep the muscle stretched out and that really helped. So when it was time for bed, I took an Advil PM sample that I found in my medicine closet, which has a sleeping aid. And I went to sleep on the couch, sitting up, leaning on my good arm.

Tuesday, about halfway through the night, I woke up just sweating. I went up to the bedroom and climbed into bed, laid down on my good side, and guess what? I went to sleep and slept until 8:00 the next morning! It was awesome! I had physical therapy at 11:30 and she commented on how much better my posture was. She was really pleased with how my arm was moving. She put warm, moist heat on my shoulder, we went through some new exercises, and we ended with an ice pack and electrical stimulation. The Doctor bought some sleeping pills for me and I took one tonight. I crawled into bed and I was comfortable! It was great!

Today I slept in again! I love being able to sleep. I feel like a completely different person. I napped this afternoon. It was wonderful.

Such is the saga of my arm thus far. I hate being sick, or injured. I would rather be poor than have health problems.


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