What were you doing ten years ago?

Let's see, 1998. In January I went back to school to get my degree in Accounting. In February I went off the pill because it had taken me 9 months to get pregnant the last time. In March I got pregnant. In June I celebrated my 6 year anniversary. In July we went to Sugarhouse Park for the fireworks (for the first and LAST time...1 hour and 15 minutes to get home!). In August we discovered we were having another boy, and we discovered that he had hydronephrosis. Not what I wanted, but I got over it. In September I sent Taylor to school (preschool) for the first time. I bawled! In October we filled our freezer with 267 pounds of beef. In November we signed the papers to buy (build) our first house. In December I had c, our third child. We also lost our house, due to the builders being complete idiots and trying to cheat FHA.

What are 5 things on your to-do list today?

1. Dig up sod from my parents house.

2. Lay sod at my house.

3. Get mulch from dump.

4. Lay mulch around my garden boxes.

5. Make bread.

What are your favorite snacks?

I love Cheetos. Love them. Too much. I also love fresh fruit...more than Cheetos.

Places you have lived...in order, counting all your moves

Provo, Utah; Orem, Utah; Shelley, Idaho; Idaho Falls, Idaho; Idaho Falls, Idaho; Great Falls, Montana; Great Falls, Montana; Idaho Falls, Idaho; Idaho Falls, Idaho; Rexburg, Idaho; West Valley City, Utah; West Valley City, Utah; Rexburg, Idaho; West Valley City, Utah; Provo, Utah; Provo, Utah; West Valley City, Utah; West Valley City, Utah; West Valley City, Utah; West Valley City, Utah; Our Current house
And no, those are not repeats. They are all different moves!

Five things you would do if you were a billionaire?

1. Quit work and scrapbook all the time!
2. I would pay off all my debts and all my families debts.
3. I would build the house of my dreams, complete with a family room big enough to have a pool table.
4. I would enroll my children in swimming lessons, art lessons, soccer, voice lessons. All the things they want to do now, but we can't because we have no money.
5. Give chunks to my Bishop to give to people when they need help. We have had people anonymously give us money and it just really lifts your spirit when everything seems to be going the wrong way. I would also mail gift cards to people who are struggling, like someone did for us (if it was you, THANK YOU!).

5 people you want to know more about.

1. I love to hear people's life stories, so anyone in my ward!
2. Mary
3. Eve
4. My Grandma Christensen (who died 20 years ago)
5. Emma Smith

What are your favorite scents?

Sawdust, baby powder, citrus, the smell of rain in the air, coming home from church on Fast Sunday and smelling supper in the crock pot, clothes dried on a clothesline, books, mimeographed papers (remember, the blue ones?), magic markers.

What are your favorite games?

Phase 10 dice, Strategy, Uno, Rummikube.

Okay, your turn. I tag anyone who is reading this! Remember, I want to know all about you!


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