So, I keep volunteering to have "events" at my house, i.e. book group, recipe swap, etc. I don't know why because spend 3 hours the morning of the event cleaning like a mad woman. And then I spend the rest of the day yelling at my kids (and my husband) to not make a mess or I will beat them all.

Is it worth it? Do the women who come even notice how immaculate it is and understand that it's not normal? 99% of the time they never even use the bathroom, but if I didn't clean it, someone would use it and I would be mortified. (Why can't men clean up after themselves?)

Anyway, we are having book group here at my house tonight and I finally finished cleaning. Have I read the book? No. I should have spent the last 3 hours reading it, but instead I will have a clean house tonight.

Let me know how the book was!


Mindy said... Reply To This Comment

I've always been the same way. I think nothing is more embarrassing than someone seeing my house a mess. You know it's a problem when even the occasional salesman ringing on your doorbell sends you into an anxiety attack! :)

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