Jeffrey R. Holland
*Home teaching
*A monthly visit is still the ideal, but in some areas others ways can be used
*Priority is given to those in need for the home visits
*Lift your vision of home teaching
*Home teachers are God's emissaries to his children

LeGrand R. Curtis Jr.
*Church freeze in Ghana
*2 Nephi 25 "We talk of Christ..."
*Read the Book of Mormon as a family

Dieter F. Uchtdorf
*Alma the Younger
*Everyone would have known him and what he did
*Amulek said that he was called many times and would not hear. He knew concerning these things yet would not believe.
*What can I learn from Alma? How am I like Amulek?
*To be successful, you must find your Amulek

Henry B. Eyring
*See the potential in others
*Melchizedek priesthood holders needs tor each down and help the Aaronic priesthood holders and help them grow

President Monson
*Word of Wisdom
*Those who follow the WofW are promised great blessings


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