Elder Waddell

When studying the scriptures, ask there questions :
Why was this included?
How does this apply today?

We can't avoid challenges, but we must faith them with faith.

We may not win every battle zbut we will win the war.

Find quote by Elder Bednar : if we stay the same spiritually, it won't be enough. We need to be stronger.

The book of Mormon helps us remember.

Sister Oscarson

What does it mean to be a true disciple? If someone were to observe you without you knowing it, would they know you were a disciple of Christ?

Don't ever check your religion st the door.

Modesty,, morality, and integrity

Can you be a Mormon and still have fun?

A true disciple chooses to live the gospel because they have received a testimony, nit because their parents expect them too.

Elder Hallstrom

*set up regulations temple trips for kids - Saturday mornings? Friday nights?

Elder Ballard

Sequoia trees on BYU campus one died from last of water, long term members can fall away

Essential habits: sincere prayer, fast g, regal study scriptures and Ensign, sabbath day, sacrament, temple worship, reaching out to poor and lonely

Talk about being addicted to cell phones. Us in the evening, Chandler at school.

We can disagree, but not be disagreeable.

Never look down on those who are less educated than we are. Including gospel topics.


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