Quentin L. Cook
*We don't all have the same stumbling blocks
*Don't elevate anything, even in the gospel, above our devotion to the Savior
*Be valiant in our testimony of Christ
*Avoid the stumbling blocks that impede our progress

Gary E. Stevenson
*Is the Book of Mormon the keystone of my testimony?
*The Book of Mormon was written for me and my day
*Read it more every day. Replace screen time with reading time.

D. Todd Christofferson
*Love can transform a soul
*We all have potential
*We shouldn't be content with where we are, we can always be more

W. Mark Bassett
*Toy golden plates, intent on what was on sealed portion, never read what was on unsealed portion
*The Lord's pattern for learning is timeless
*We not expected to know all things

Japanese guy Yamashita
*Be ambitious for Christ
*I need to keep praying and fasting for Taylor
*We can feel joy in the midst of trials
*We are ambitious for Christ when we serve faithfully , accept humbly, endure nobly, pray fervently, and partake worthily.

Dallin H. Oaks
*God loves all of children
*We should love all as our brothers and sisters
*What could be more joyful than sharing God's truths with God's children
*First, pray for the desire
*Second, live it
*Third, pray for inspiration for what we can do personally to share the gospel. Tell the Lord that if He inspires us to speak to someone, we will do it.
*Pray personally and in our families for missionary opportunities
*People learn when they are ready to lean, not when we are ready to teach them
*Invite them to learn more about Christ, not more about our church
*Cab driving missionary
*Release the tongue = release the thumbs


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